Anita Blake
Anita Blake Evening Make Up and Hair
Killing Zone

The various
faces of
Anita Blake
Work Make Up

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Work suit complete with RPIT identification Crime scene coveralls complete with blood stains Richard and Anita talking in the forest
Sigmund Tee Shirt with jogging pants and sneakers
Warm hiking gear


Suit Anita wore for date with Richard Red Lace Up This lace and velvet dress is what Jean Claude wishes Anita would wear Black turtle neck and black pants with a gold beaded jacket is about how dresses up Anita wants to be Black silk robe - a gift from Jean Claude
A gown suitable to meet old vampires - again Jean Claude's favourite blue is present Jean Claude's favourite colour Dress from Jean Claude's dreams

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C:\ProgramFiles\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Skins


Last updated March 23, 2005